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IES Express is a logistic and consulting services company supporting both domestic and international needs. Established since 2007, IES aims to provide the lowest price, highest quality of shipping services to both individuals and businesses. IES offers express shipping, warehousing, air freight, ocean freight worldwide, and many more.
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New Customers
We provide two different online services to our value business and individual users.

Individual user can utilize Quickship online tools to ship without signing up an account while enjoying the low shipping cost - Save up to 50%!

Business owner with high shipping volume can use enterprise ship to manage online billing, printing, tracking and more while enjoying the volume discount from us for your international and domestic shipments.

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Strategic Planning Process
Contact IES Worldwide Express for your strategic plannings

Ship your packages in 3 easy steps. Without opening account.

Step 1. Prepare your shipment
Step 2. Pay with your credit card
Step 3. Print your label

Find delivery time, rates for sending your shipments to destinations around the world
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Track Your Packages  
You can use Tracking to check the status of your shipment at anytime during & after delivery
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